COMPLETE RESEARCHS OF VOL. 1, NR. 2, July 2018 البحوث الكاملة للمجلد الاول / العدد الثاني يوليو 2018

 VOL. 1, NR. 2, JulY 2018

Researchs Volume I / Number 2, July 2018

- research Nr.1

“Attitudes and Postures of the Arab youth towards pious terroristic cliques and their manipulation of Mass Media” “Facebook Framework”

- Research Nr.2

Emirati youth attitudes toward citizenship values (Applied study on a sample of students of the Emirates College of Technology and Al Ain University for Science and Technology)

-Research Nr.3 

The role of the media in increasing the political participation of Algerian women

(Study on the FLN politicians)

- Research Nr.4

Areas of Industrial Technology And Its Role In The Economic Development of Algeria From The Expériences of Some Countries: South Korea Model

- Research Nr.5

The Portuguese Dominion and the effect on the Marines activity in Arabian Gulf 1507-1521